Twice the bits, twice the trouble: vulnerabilities induced by migrating to 64-bit platforms | the morning paper edit / delete

"In this study, Wressnegger et al. reveal how a codebase originally written for 32-bit, and which is perfectly secure on 32-bit platforms, can have new vulnerabilities simply by compiling it for 64-bit systems." No surprises for anyone who follows oss-security etc., but the paper's a good overview.

to architecture porting security vulnerabilities ... on 06 April 2017

Python to OCaml: retrospective - Thomas Leonard's blog edit / delete

"In 2013, I spent 6 months converting 0install’s 29,215 lines of Python to OCaml (learning OCaml along the way). In this post, I’ll describe the approach I took and how it went. There will be graphs."

to language-design ocaml porting python ... on 23 September 2015

ggx - how to retarget the GNU toolchain in 21 patches edit / delete

Adding support for a new architecture (in this case, one the author made up).

to binutils compiler cross gcc porting ... on 28 July 2012

I'm Cross! edit / delete

Another system for cross-building Windows binaries. Worth looking at for KRoC's MinGW port, since previously I'd been doing essentially the same thing by hand.

to compiler porting research software ... on 27 April 2008

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