Getting started - musl libc wiki edit / delete

Useful notes on how to configure an ARM cross-toolchain for common ARM processors.

to arm cross gcc toolchain ... on 20 January 2015

Home ยท esp8266/esp8266-wiki Wiki edit / delete

The ESP8266 is a very cheap microcontroller-onna-board with proper wireless networking and a TCP/IP stack. Most people seem to hook it up to another microcontroller, but you can run code on the ESP8266 itself; this site has cross-development tools and documentation. (Although it's only IPv4 at the moment, so it wouldn't be very useful for sensor apps on my home network as-is.)

to cross embedded esp8266 microcontroller networking programming wireless ... on 18 January 2015

ggx - how to retarget the GNU toolchain in 21 patches edit / delete

Adding support for a new architecture (in this case, one the author made up).

to binutils compiler cross gcc porting ... on 28 July 2012

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