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Various neat (and mostly short) bits of code from one of the Plan 9 contributors. antiquicksort -- which automatically derives worst-case input for Quicksort implementations -- is pretty neat.

to algorithm map software sorting wordplay ... on 17 October 2012

Lockfree Algorithms - 1024cores edit / delete

Basic lock-free algorithms.

to algorithm concurrency lockfree ... on 16 September 2012

Clever Algorithms: Nature-Inspired Programming Recipes edit / delete

Rapid overview of lots of bioinspired algorithms. Probably of more use as a list of canonical references than for the code itself.

to algorithm bioinspired natural programming teaching ... on 16 September 2012 edit / delete

Two-pivot quicksort. Can this be generalised to N-pivot quicksort (yes), and where's the optimum point for the tradeoff between recursion cost and wrangling pivots?

to algorithm cs quicksort sorting ... on 13 September 2009

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