ripgrep is faster than {grep, ag, git grep, ucg, pt, sift} - Andrew Gallant's Blog edit / delete

The tool isn't hugely compelling, but the collection of benchmarks for a regexp search engine is interesting.

to benchmarking grep performance search text unix ... on 06 December 2016

Whoosh 2.5.6 documentation — Whoosh 2.5.6 documentation edit / delete

Python library for building free-text search engines. This looks pretty comprehensive.

to python search software text ... on 22 July 2014

Gigablast - An Alternative Open Source Search Engine edit / delete

This seems to have an... interesting approach to stemming. I'm not sure if it's amusing or really insightful that searching for "adam sampson" finds my food bookmarks page first...

to search software web ... on 14 December 2013

Exposed Webcam Viewer edit / delete

A search engine for publically-accessible webcams. Both fascinating and terrifying.

to camera search security webcam ... on 14 April 2013

Life-Long Computer Skills edit / delete

Jakob Nielsen agrees with one of my first-year students from last year, it appears (regarding teaching how to search).

to search teaching ... on 24 March 2013

Scroogle edit / delete

Scrape and reformat Google search results. Probably nicer to use in a simple browser.

to google scraping search web ... on 27 December 2009

Find edit / delete

This would be the by-hash search service I wanted (run by paulprote on EFnet).

to ideas mirrorservice search ... on 25 April 2009

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