Nostalgia for SS Jaguar & Pre-war Television edit / delete

"... the first Marconi/EMI television receivers and the Emitron Camera."

to camera emi history marconi retrotech tv video ... on 17 August 2020

NX Crypto Photography edit / delete

"After Samsung released the NX300, and after it had been easily rooted, I bought one. It's a nice well-rounded camera in a reasonable price range. It runs Linux, and is somewhat open-sourced by Samsung." Hm. Something to bear in mind when I'm next looking for a camera...

to camera cryptography photography reverse-engineering ... on 22 March 2015

Electro-Optic Camera: The first DSLR edit / delete

The early history of Kodak's digital cameras. Some lovely pictures of prototypes here!

to camera digital dslr electronics kodak retrotech ... on 04 June 2014

Exposed Webcam Viewer edit / delete

A search engine for publically-accessible webcams. Both fascinating and terrifying.

to camera search security webcam ... on 14 April 2013

Mike's Electric Stuff edit / delete

Various fun electronics, particularly of the dangerous variety. The high-speed camera stuff is particularly impressive.

to camera electronics laser valve ... on 14 April 2009

libVISCA Home Page edit / delete

Library (and tool) for driving the Sony camera that came with the Pioneer.

to camera serial software ... on 30 September 2008

The Aggregate: Fisheye Digital Imaging For Under Twenty Dollars edit / delete

Using a peephole lens and a super-cheap webcam to take fisheye pictures.

to camera graphics ... on 18 April 2006

ACP - Main index edit / delete

An interesting collection of Russian cameras and related items, with commentary.

to camera retrotech russian ... on 02 November 2005

Welcome to Valuedigital, your one stop shop for all your media needs edit / delete

The place I use for camera memory cards (well, used, once).

to camera shopping ... on 10 July 2005

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