Index of /~plonka/headers edit / delete

Tool for automatically emitting #includes for POSIX functions that have been used (which was on my ideas list).

to c ideas include posix software ... on 23 August 2014

samsquire/ideas edit / delete

Hey, someone else with an ideas list. Maybe I need to have some links on my ideas page like on misccode...

to ideas ... on 14 December 2013

odie5533/WarcMITMProxy edit / delete

This is basically an implementation of my everything-archiving-proxy idea.

to archive http https ideas mitm proxy warc ... on 24 October 2013

GameToilet - a whole bowl full of wonderful game ideas edit / delete

A collection of game ideas ranging from tasteless and silly to brilliant. I like the 2D shooter where you play as a variety of common biscuits.

to ag0700 biscuits games ideas ... on 03 December 2011

Find edit / delete

This would be the by-hash search service I wanted (run by paulprote on EFnet).

to ideas mirrorservice search ... on 25 April 2009

Export pages - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia edit / delete

XML export interface for Wikipedia -- just what I need for that history visualisation idea I had.

to ideas wikipedia ... on 07 June 2007

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