RFC 1924 - A Compact Representation of IPv6 Addresses edit / delete

"This document specifies a more compact representation of IPv6 addresses, which permits encoding in a mere 20 bytes." Yes, it's an April 1st RFC, but it's not *that* silly an idea...

to address amusements encoding ipv6 rfc ... on 05 March 2015

The network nightmare that ate my week | Occasionally Coherent edit / delete

An IPv6 privacy addressing horror story from MIT.

to ipv6 mit networking privacy-addressing sysadmin ... on 06 September 2014

RFC 2553 edit / delete

The definition of the sockets API for IPv6.

to ag0907 ipv6 network ... on 22 June 2014

Bull GNU/Linux NFSv4 project edit / delete

This is the page with the handy table of which daemons you need for the different versions of NFS.

to ipv6 linux nfs ... on 11 April 2014

Xbox One Technical Details edit / delete

Some details of Xbox One's networking infrastructure -- which uses IPv6 via Teredo.

to ag0907 games ipv6 networking teredo ... on 07 November 2013

Geoff Huston - potaroo.net edit / delete

Detailed articles on the future of the Internet from an Australian perspective. The surveys of IPv6 and DNSSEC uptake are interesting.

to dns dnssec internet ipv6 networking ... on 15 April 2013

Test your IPv6. edit / delete

As it says -- including whether your DNS recursor does IPv6 queries (which mine doesn't, because it's a WRT54G with no spare disk space).

to ip ipv6 network ... on 26 February 2011

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