HTTP-FUSE-KNOPPIX edit / delete

Very silly: modified version of Knoppix that mounts its root filesystem over HTTP. (Plus some nasty TPM stuff.)

to filesystem linux mirror networking ... on 02 January 2007

Bootstrapping an Infrastructure edit / delete

Interesting document on managing large collections of Unix machines. Argues strongly for the client-pulls-from-master approach (which isn't what we do at UKMS, since it tends to result in lots of things breaking at once some time after you've changed the

to mirror sysadmin ... on 17 November 2006

- the european archive : home page - edit / delete

A rather half-hearted attempt to create a European Includes some early classical recordings that are PD here but not in the US.

to mirror music ... on 03 November 2006

psync .::. projects .::. mdione edit / delete

A metadata-aware mirroring tool for Linux distributions.

to mirror research software ... on 06 January 2006

UPSMONMRA stats edit / delete

UKC machine room temperature

to mirror ukc ... on 02 October 2005

OceanStore edit / delete

A storage system based on a distributed hashtable.

to mirror research ... on 25 April 2005

SystemImager edit / delete

Ghost-like software for Linux. I wonder if this might be useful for distributing GARstow systems?

to garstow mirror software ... on 23 March 2005

Coral: The NYU Distribution Network edit / delete

Using smart DNS to find a local proxy for arbitrary content.

to mirror networking software ... on 07 February 2005

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