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David Moon's design for a modern Lisp with proper syntax rather than S-expressions.

to lisp mit programming-language syntax ... on 29 June 2020

Scots Syntax Atlas edit / delete

Interesting project looking at syntactical differences in different regional versions of Scots. (Presumably because they were only looking at syntax, all the examples are transcribed with English spellings, which feels a bit odd...)

to language scots syntax ... on 29 June 2020

F# syntax: indentation and verbosity | F# for fun and profit edit / delete

This is a more useful description of how F#'s indentation-based syntax works than the manual.

to f language-design ocaml syntax ... on 14 October 2016

Understanding and Writing Compilers edit / delete

Richard Bornat's 1979 book on writing compilers. Substantially more accessible than the dragon book. The examples are mostly in BCPL, which (as usual) I'm dead impressed with; for a typeless language it's very clean and clearly suited to the purpose.

to bcpl compiler etext parsing retrocomputing syntax ... on 26 January 2016

Go's Declaration Syntax - The Go Blog edit / delete

Discussion of Go's slightly unusual type declarations. I appreciate what they're trying to do -- but occam solved the same problem in the 1980s without having to write all the declarations backwards...

to go language-design syntax types ... on 23 November 2014

SRFI 110: Sweet-expressions (t-expressions) edit / delete

Python-like syntax for Lisp-like languages -- there's a discussion of other attempts to do this further down.

to language-design lisp python syntax ... on 11 January 2014

Z edit / delete

A Lisp-like language idea using indentation rather than brackets. Neat; has some similarities to the simplified occam syntax I was talking about a couple of years ago.

to indentation language-design syntax ... on 02 January 2013

Julien Danjou homepage - rainbow-mode edit / delete

Syntax highlighting that highlights colour descriptions using the appropriate colour. Cute!

to emacs syntax ... on 17 August 2010

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