picol, a Tcl interpreter in 550 lines of C code edit / delete

As it says. Nothing fancy, but this is a nice example of a small language.

to cmp409 compiler interpreter parsing tcl ... on 06 January 2018

Understanding and Writing Compilers edit / delete

Richard Bornat's 1979 book on writing compilers. Substantially more accessible than the dragon book. The examples are mostly in BCPL, which (as usual) I'm dead impressed with; for a typeless language it's very clean and clearly suited to the purpose.

to bcpl compiler etext parsing retrocomputing syntax ... on 26 January 2016

Ian Bicking: a blog :: lxml: an underappreciated web scraping library edit / delete

Useful overview of lxml, which is the module I really ought to use for random XML/HTML parsing.

to html lxml parsing python xml ... on 30 October 2010

SNOBOL4.ORG: SNOBOL4 Resources edit / delete

SNOBOL is interesting in that it's a dynamically-typed language with (what these days we'd call) a combinator parser built in -- although it's not a structured language. Free implementations exist.

to language-design parsing programming snobol software ... on 27 October 2009

WebHome < HUT < TWiki edit / delete

Some interesting parser/compiler stuff for Haskell.

to compiler grammar haskell parsing research ... on 06 June 2009

polyparse: alternative parser combinator libraries edit / delete

... which appear to be like Parsec, but with a cut operator rather than a try operator. Worth looking at.

to compilation haskell parsing research ... on 24 June 2008

Room 101: Parser Combinators edit / delete

Building parser combinators in an OO language (in this case, Smalltalk).

to oo parsing research ... on 09 January 2007

Niklaus Wirth, "Compiler Construction" edit / delete

Wirth's book on writing single-pass compilers. Not ground-breaking, but it's a good introduction to the subject.

to compiler parsing research ... on 01 October 2006

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