PubCSS: Formatting Academic Publications in HTML & CSS | Thomas Park edit / delete

Nice idea, but: the output looks *terrible*, and it relies on proprietary tools. Maybe if someone knocked up an xmltex-based backend...

to academia css formatting html latex publication text ... on 22 March 2015

Xidel - HTML/XML data extraction tool edit / delete

"Xidel is a command line tool to download and extract data from html/xml pages." Neat -- I usually wind up writing some Python to do this kind of thing.

to html software to-package xml xpath ... on 03 October 2014

Ian Bicking: a blog :: lxml: an underappreciated web scraping library edit / delete

Useful overview of lxml, which is the module I really ought to use for random XML/HTML parsing.

to html lxml parsing python xml ... on 30 October 2010

Old School Color Cycling with HTML5 | edit / delete

Some very impressive colour-cycling artwork. I love the rippling water! (Also: what took *no* CPU time on an Amiga now takes 90% of the CPU of my 2.4GHz P4. We've come such a long way, backwards.)

to graphics html javascript retrocomputing ... on 19 August 2010

‘One-Line Website’ by Šime Ramov edit / delete

A bit over-optimised (I'd rather keep the code readable for others), but it's nice to see others still using static pages.

to html web ... on 26 July 2010

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