Writing Bug-Free C Code edit / delete

The title oversells this (spectacularly!), but it's a good explanation of how to set up conventions to do OO in C in a reasonably safe way.

to c oo software-design ... on 22 January 2016

A one week flipped learning environment to introduce Object Oriented Programming edit / delete

"This post describes a teaching activity that is run for the Cardiff MSc. programmes. The activity is revolves around a two day hackathon that gets students to use Python and object oriented programming to solve a challenge. The activity is placed within a flipped learning environment and makes use of what I feel is a very nice form of assessment (we just get to know the students)."

to assessment flipped oo python teaching ... on 28 March 2015

Cello • High Level Programming C edit / delete

Dynamic OO using the GNU C extensions. Neat -- if just for the interesting puzzle of figuring out how it's done without looking at the spoilers!

to c compiler gnu language-design oo ... on 20 July 2013

ooc edit / delete

I don't think this is especially exciting, but if I don't bookmark it I'll probably want to find it again...

to language-design oo ooc programming ... on 10 August 2010

The BETA Language Home Page edit / delete

Smalltalk/Simula-inspired language which replaces classes and similar entities with "patterns", and has some (very primitive) concurrency facilities.

to beta concurrency language-design oo ... on 14 January 2010

Bad Engineering Properties of Object-Oriented Language edit / delete

Luca Cardelli on some of the failings of OO.

to language-design oo research software-engineering ... on 04 December 2008

Room 101: Parser Combinators edit / delete

Building parser combinators in an OO language (in this case, Smalltalk).

to oo parsing research ... on 09 January 2007

Stevey's Blog Rants: Execution in the Kingdom of Nouns edit / delete

An entertaining rant about Java and OO.

to amusements oo research ... on 01 August 2006

MF Bliki: OOPSLA2005 edit / delete

Writeup of OOPSLA2005.

to concurrency oo programming research ... on 27 October 2005

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