Blog | Neural Irish Tunes edit / delete

Generating tunes using a neural network. Some pretty good synthesised performances, although the quality of the tunes is more miss than hit (as usual).

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International Folk Dances : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive edit / delete

A pretty comprehensive collection. If you want to know what an (insert dance name here) sounds like, this is the place to look.

to dance folk music trad ... on 22 April 2016

Dunn Family Collection - Dunn Family Collection - Ward Irish Music Archives edit / delete

Not only did Francis O'Neill write "O'Neill's Music of Ireland", he also recorded some of the performances he was transcribing. So you can hear a whole load of trad tunes as they were performed circa 1900 -- as MP3s here.

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The Joe Cooley Tapes edit / delete

"This site contains numerous field recordings made in the early 1970s of the great Irish accordion player Joe Cooley when he lived in the San Francisco bay area." That's Joe Cooley as in Cooley's Reel. Well worth a listen.

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Root Hog Or Die edit / delete

Long list of links to world traditional music sites.

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