Typography in 8 bits: System fonts ยป DamienG edit / delete

Comparison of system fonts from 8-bit machines. (I like the Amstrad CPC one, although the BBC one's probably cleaner overall.)

to acorn amstrad apple fonts retrocomputing sinclair typography ... on 14 August 2013

Floppy Software edit / delete

Some software for the PCW in Small C, including Minesweeper and SameGame clones.

to amstrad cpm pcw retrocomputing z80 ... on 05 March 2013

Amstrad's Home Page edit / delete

Cliff Lawson's semi-official Amstrad computers page -- the original appears to be defunct.

to amstrad retrocomputing ... on 11 February 2013

John Elliott's homepage edit / delete

Various retrocomputing stuff, including a comprehensive section on Jet Set Willy.

to amstrad cpm games gem jsw pcw ... on 12 December 2012

TDT edit / delete

SCART-to-CTM644 adaptor. I don't think this is quite right as-is...

to amstrad retrocomputing video ... on 22 September 2008

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