Subset Park: Digital Minimalism for the Working Hacker edit / delete

The design of a syntax highlighting theme making use of text styles instead of colours. I've tried doing this in the past; the problem is finding a font where the different styles are readable enough...

to design editing syntax-highlighting vim ... on 24 October 2018

What is good video editing software on Linux? - Linux FAQ edit / delete

Overview of NLE and related software. It's been a few years since I've needed to look at this stuff; I should package some of these.

to editing multimedia nle open-source software video ... on 24 August 2014

Open Competitive Intelligence Resources - SCIP edit / delete

("Competitive intelligence" is what the CIA does.) "Analytic Thinking and Presentation for Intelligence Producers" is interesting as an introductory guide to research writing; students may like to read the advice on structuring an argument, editing for succinctness, and giving good presentations.

to ag0700 editing intelligence presentation research writing ... on 30 November 2013

Welcome to Eclim edit / delete

VIM bindings to the Eclipse backend (rather than embedding VIM in Eclipse).

to editing programming software vim ... on 08 September 2006

Artist edit / delete

Package for automatically drawing ASCII art using Emacs.

to ascii-art editing emacs text ... on 29 December 2005

PlasticBoy ยป Markdown Vim Mode edit / delete

Markdown syntax for VIM.

to editing markdown text vim ... on 14 December 2005

Semantic edit / delete

Parser-based editing for Emacs.

to editing emacs software text ... on 26 November 2005

plope - UINX Installation Instructions for External Editor edit / delete

Browser helper app to run an editor for a wiki or similar.

to editing software web ... on 09 July 2005

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