homebrewserver.club edit / delete

"A monthly gathering for those who (wish to) host their own online services from home, rather than using commercial and privacy unfriendly alternatives." Quite XMPP-focussed.

to linux server software xmpp ... on 05 April 2017

IPFS is a new peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol. edit / delete

A DHT-based CDN. Neat idea; unlikely to be adopted; curious as to what the performance would actually be like in practice.

to cdn dht ipfs p2p server software web ... on 23 September 2015

Unicorn Unix Magic Tricks - Thorsten Ball edit / delete

"How would one build something like this? I had no idea." The author then goes on to explore in detail how to build a process farm; a nice overview of the techniques.

to ipc process server unix web ... on 23 March 2015

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