yarrick/pingfs: Stores your data in ICMP ping packets edit / delete

"pingfs is a filesystem where the data is stored only in the Internet itself, as ICMP Echo packets (pings) travelling from you to remote servers and back again."

to cute-code filesystem fuse networking ... on 04 September 2016

immobiliare/sfs edit / delete

"SFS (or SyncFS) is a filesystem for replicating files between geographically distributed nodes of a network, with multi-master active/active configuration and especially suited for a star network topology." It uses FUSE... and rsync!

to fs fuse rsync software synchronisation ... on 18 January 2015

afuse edit / delete

A FUSE automounter -- something I'd been considering writing.

to automount filesystem fuse ... on 02 January 2007

Halfs, A Haskell Filesystem edit / delete

Haskell bindings for FUSE. They use monads to restrict the things that read-only FS ops can do, which is quite interesting.

to filesystems fuse haskell monads ... on 07 October 2006

Premshree's (品速力) Personal Weblog: UpcomingFS edit / delete

Using the Ruby bindings for FUSE to wrap a web service as a filesystem.

to filesystem fuse ruby software web ... on 30 May 2006

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