Nub Games » Writing a Simple Search Engine in Haskell: Part 1 — Maybe and List edit / delete

Includes the worst analogy for monads I've ever read, but there's some interesting stuff here.

to functional haskell monads research ... on 09 April 2007

All About Monads edit / delete

Handy introduction and reference to Haskell's standard monads.

to functional haskell monads research ... on 19 October 2006

Halfs, A Haskell Filesystem edit / delete

Haskell bindings for FUSE. They use monads to restrict the things that read-only FS ops can do, which is quite interesting.

to filesystems fuse haskell monads ... on 07 October 2006

The Continuation monad edit / delete

Implementing call/cc using monads. The same approach could be used to implement occam-style concurrency in Haskell without needing to mess with the runtime -- I reckon there's a paper in there...

to concurrency functional haskell monads research ... on 01 October 2006

Of monads and spacesuits edit / delete

How monads work in Haskell, via a rather silly metaphor.

to functional haskell monads research ... on 15 August 2006

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