Bashrun - X11 application launcher based on bash edit / delete

Using completion and a single-row xterm. I'd be interested to see whether you can do a reasonable dmenu clone this way.

to bash shell software x ... on 22 October 2010

neatx - Google Code edit / delete

Another free NX server, written for Google's internal use.

to nx software to-package x ... on 17 July 2009

Welcome to the home page of wumwum edit / delete

Tiling tool that runs on top of an existing window manager.

to software tiling window-management x ... on 23 January 2009

xpra – Parti – Trac edit / delete

Effectively screen for X, done using Xvfb and compositing. Very neat, although it chugs a bit even on the same machine...

to software x ... on 09 December 2008

xvkbd - Virtual Keyboard for X Window System edit / delete

Xaw-based on-screen keyboard. Works very nicely; much better than GOK or the Maemo one...

to software tablet x ... on 01 April 2008

firefox is moving to an other workspace edit / delete

How to make Firefox's irritating self-raising behaviour less annoying in xfwm4.

to firefox software x xfce ... on 16 October 2007

Modeline Database - MythTV edit / delete

Handy listing of TV modelines.

to graphics video x ... on 11 June 2007

X Selections, X Cut Buffers, and Emacs Kill Rings edit / delete

The rules that people always complain about, but do actually make sense.

to programming x ... on 13 August 2006

DMX Homepage edit / delete

A X proxy for doing Xinerama across multiple real servers.

to multihead software x ... on 29 November 2005 edit / delete

Script to grab X keypresses in Python.

to python software x ... on 13 June 2005

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