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cooper from #linux-sunxi's pcDuino v3 Nano project.

to arm linux pcduino sunxi ... on 25 October 2015

AllwinnerTech FAQ edit / delete

I didn't realise Allwinner had their own wiki! This is mostly about building their own Android images, but there's definitely some useful stuff here (and it would probably be more useful if I could read Chinese).

to a10 allwinner android arm embedded sunxi ... on 13 September 2013

Index of /contrib-images/hansg edit / delete

Hans de Goede's Fedora images for Allwinner A1x devices. These work on most of the boards that sunxi-boards supports.

to a10 allwinner arm fedora linux sunxi ... on 13 September 2013

sunxi-fedora-scripts TODO edit / delete

Some useful suggestions for interesting things to do with a sunxi machine.

to a10 embedded sunxi ... on 30 July 2013

Siarhei Siamashka edit / delete

Allwinner A10 graphics optimisation. Some interesting details about how it actually works underneath, and tuning memory access...

to a10 arm embedded graphics optimisation sunxi video ... on 25 July 2013

xf86-video-sunxifb edit / delete

Accelerated Xorg driver for sunxi machines.

to a10 arm graphics sunxi video x ... on 19 July 2013

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