The Sproutie MK II HF Regen Receiver | Dave Richards AA7EE edit / delete

A very impressive shortwave receiver, using an HRO-style tuning control, a regenerative frontend and a load of multistage audio filters.

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Radio Channel292 International Broadcasting Shortwave Kurzwelle Rundfunk Sender Sendezeit - Home edit / delete

A group of German radio enthusiasts who bought one of the frequencies that Deutsche Welle used to use -- lots of pirate-inspired stuff on here. (Formerly "Radio 6150".)

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Short Wave Heaven edit / delete

Handy tables of shortwave broadcast stations audible in NW Europe. (The rapid summary is that it's mostly China Radio International and a few religious broadcasters who're bothering these days, although KBC and All India Radio come in pretty well here too.)

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The British DX Club.

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Dokumentationsarchiv Funk (QSL Collection) edit / delete

The descendant of Radio Austria's archive. (Jonathan Marks has some videos of their collections.)

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Bi Newsletter for DXers edit / delete

Shortwave schedules for many, many stations in a standard format.

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Glenn Hauser's World of Radio edit / delete

Lots of radio broadcast news (with a US focus), and MP3s of his radio show -- which is impressively comprehensive and information-dense.

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Scandinavian Weekend Radio homepages edit / delete

Another (legal) shortwave broadcast hobbyist station.

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Main Page - HF Underground edit / delete

Radio-related wiki; lots of stuff on HF pirates, utility stations, and so on.

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