the Belgian Amiga Club edit / delete

"In the beginning of 2018 Simon acquired the complete Amiga Floppy Disk collection of BS1 ( Bamiga Sector One ). They gathered this software +25 years ago swapping with other groups, by downloading, etcetera ... For all these years they sat on a member's attic waiting to see the daylight again and here they are."

to amiga demoscene pirate retrocomputing software ... on 24 October 2018

Radio Channel292 International Broadcasting Shortwave Kurzwelle Rundfunk Sender Sendezeit - Home edit / delete

A group of German radio enthusiasts who bought one of the frequencies that Deutsche Welle used to use -- lots of pirate-inspired stuff on here. (Formerly "Radio 6150".)

to broadcast hf pirate radio shortwave ... on 14 March 2015

AM/FM / TX Magazine / Radio Today - the eighties London pirate radio site edit / delete

"For three years in the eighties, TX Magazine catalogued the growth of London's pirate radio stations and the fight for a free radio alternative to the bland pop and chatter of the BBC and Independent Local Radio." Radio Jackie et al.

to 80s history london pirate radio ... on 13 March 2015

Amiga group Action's Brief News! edit / delete

In 1995, they would have been a cracking group; these days they produce WHDLoad patches for games. Lots of interesting technical detail about how to reverse-engineer game bootloaders.

to amiga assembler cracking disk pirate retrocomputing reverse-engineering software ... on 09 January 2013

High Frequency Beacon Society edit / delete

Pirate beacons. Obviously.

to beacon hf obviously pirate ... on 30 October 2010

Main Page - HF Underground edit / delete

Wiki for shortwave listeners; lots of interesting stuff about commercial, beacon and pirate stations.

to beacon hf pirate radio shortwave swl ... on 30 October 2010

WBCQ The Planet edit / delete

Shortwave station in the US run by ex-pirates. Their photo gallery is well worth checking out -- that's some very cool equipment!

to broadcast pirate radio retrotech shortwave ... on 30 December 2009

G1HBE | Better than Nothing. edit / delete

Another UK radio amateur, with some electronics projects (although not a lot of technical detail, sadly).

to electronics ham pirate radio topband ... on 23 September 2009

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