Mundharpe Melodier edit / delete

Learn harmonica... in Norwegian! The tune I was looking for was Røros Pols, which can be hammered gently into slip-jig form for use in Scottish/Irish sessions. (Round here, it's called "that tune Breabach play that I don't know the name of".)

to folk harmonica norway pols slipjig tunes ... on 18 January 2015 :: Subtitles from other lands, in English edit / delete

Subs for those NRK programmes.

to fansub norway nrk subtitles tv video ... on 25 May 2014

NRK Bittorrent edit / delete

A selection of NRK shows available (mostly under CC licenses). This includes some really impressive stuff -- e.g. a 7.5 hour video of a long train journey in HD quality. Some links here are broken but a bit of exploration on their tracker will find fixed versions.

to bittorrent hd norway nrk train tv video ... on 25 May 2014

Gule Sider® - Companies edit / delete

Norwegian Yellow Pages, with better maps than most other sites I've seen.

to maps norway ... on 18 May 2009

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