PLOS ONE: Redrawing the Map of Great Britain from a Network of Human Interactions edit / delete

Mining telephone call data to identify regions of Britain. Spoiler: Wales doesn't exist.

to big-data data-mining graph maps phone telecom uk ... on 01 December 2013

Strowger Net edit / delete

British telecoms history -- e.g. how area codes relate to placenames, and the early history of automatic exchanges.

to history phone retrotech telecom telephone uk ... on 01 December 2013 wiki edit / delete

Wiki for A&A customers using Asterisk, but there's a lot of useful information about the UK phone system and numbering plan buried in here.

to asterisk phone telecom uk voip ... on 11 July 2013

Realtime Trains edit / delete

Used to be less fancy. Now is considerably more fancy, with lots of detail on the "advanced" tab for individual trains.

to rail train travel uk ... on 11 February 2013

Open Train Times edit / delete

The live maps are pretty neat.

to rail train travel uk ... on 11 February 2013

NATS | AIS - Home edit / delete

Details of UK airports -- all available online for free.

to airport aviation radio uk ... on 27 March 2011

Spectrum use | Ofcom Spectrum Information System edit / delete

The remarkably-well-hidden Ofcom database search form; this lets you figure out who's licensed to use a frequency, or what frequencies are in use in a given area.

to radio scanner uk ... on 21 September 2009 HOME PAGE edit / delete

Handy reference to repeaters in the UK.

to ham radio uk ... on 29 August 2009

SIRC - Passport to the Pub edit / delete

A guide to how British pubs work. Now a bit out of date (the "last orders" ritual described happens about 1:30 AM these days), but still a good read.

to amusements pub sociology uk ... on 13 August 2006

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