Re: Python 3 optimizations continued... [] edit / delete

Guido van Rossum on publishing scientific code.

to open-science python science ... on 09 September 2011

Latest News — Code, Analysis, Repository and Modelling for e-Neuroscience edit / delete

Fiona pointed at this project as an example of trying to come up with open standards for scientific data.

to cosmos data language-design open-science science ... on 16 May 2011

On Hybrid Scientific Codes, Part I: The Idea | Andreas Klöckner's web page edit / delete

Building scientific code in a more accessible way using multiple languages.

to c++ multilingual open-science python science simulation ... on 31 August 2010

Randy LeVeque edit / delete

Python tools for reproducible research. Good paper to cite if we're talking about these things.

to open-science python research ... on 31 August 2010

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