Laughton Electronics | does what other contractors can't or won't edit / delete

Some great reverse engineering, and a couple of interesting homebrew CPU designs: a 14500-ish 1-bit CPU using an EPROM, and a 24-bit extension to the 6502.

to 6502 cpu electronics homebrew microcontroller microprocessor repair reverse-engineering ... on 27 April 2014

jbayko edit / delete

Notable for "Great Microprocessors of the Past and Present", along with some very silly short stories.

to amusements microprocessor retrocomputing ... on 17 August 2009

Intel 4004 — 35th Anniversary Project edit / delete

Includes source code for the Busicom calculator that first used the 4004.

to 4004 electronics microprocessor retrocomputing ... on 12 August 2008

Karen's Corner edit / delete

Various unusual and clever electronics projects. I particularly like the PIC-based SC/MP emulator (for a Mk14 rebuild), and the FM stereo modulator built from scratch.

to electronics microprocessor radio scmp sinclair ... on 12 August 2008

Letolt edit / delete

High-resolution photos of microprocessor dies. The PIC16F84 picture is particularly cool. There's a schematic of the 6502 here too.

to amusements electronics microprocessor photography ... on 07 March 2008

IntellaSys edit / delete

Another transputer-a-like.

to concurrency microprocessor research ... on 27 February 2008

My corner edit / delete

Fun stuff with 8-bit microprocessors -- particularly the 6502.

to electronics microprocessor retrocomputing ... on 03 November 2007

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