One component radio clock time transmitter edit / delete

Very cute. I have fairly poor reception of the UK time signal up here in Dundee -- I'm now pondering a GPS- or NTP-locked local repeater...

to 60khz avr lf radio time wwvb ... on 25 March 2014

G4AYT edit / delete

Whistable-based radio enthusiast. The section on his LF gear is interesting -- using an audio amplifier as a PA.

to 6m amateur lf radio tv vhf ... on 19 March 2013

GW3UEP edit / delete

Radio gear for the low bands.

to electronics lf radio ... on 06 August 2012 edit / delete

Measurement techniques for 136kHz and 500kHz.

to antenna electronics lf radio ... on 08 April 2012

W3EEE - Mt. Gretna, PA, U.S.A edit / delete

I found this originally for the Codar AT5 (a very cute 160m/80m transmitter), but there's lots of interesting stuff on LF radio here, and some good advice on receive antennas.

to am antenna electronics lf radio transmitter ... on 30 March 2012

Long Wave Radio! edit / delete

136kHz and 500kHz operation. Lots of information.

to amateur electronics lf mf radio transmitter ... on 13 September 2011

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