hacktv edit / delete

Software-defined TV transmitter. The counterpart of ld-decode, in a sense.

to ntsc pal sdr transmitter tv video ... on 17 July 2019

JamesP6000/WsprryPi: Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter using NTP based frequency calibration edit / delete

"Raspberry Pi WSPR transmitter using NTP based frequency calibration."

to beacon ham radio raspberry-pi transmitter wspr ... on 19 March 2016

Filters - OpenRadioMiniconf edit / delete

Building HF transmitter filters using air-cored coils, wound on a pencil. This is surprisingly effective!

to amateur coil electronics filter hf inductor lpf radio transmitter ... on 14 March 2015

W3EEE - Mt. Gretna, PA, U.S.A edit / delete

I found this originally for the Codar AT5 (a very cute 160m/80m transmitter), but there's lots of interesting stuff on LF radio here, and some good advice on receive antennas.

to am antenna electronics lf radio transmitter ... on 30 March 2012

Long Wave Radio! edit / delete

136kHz and 500kHz operation. Lots of information.

to amateur electronics lf mf radio transmitter ... on 13 September 2011

Radio Projects - VK3AJG edit / delete

Several SSB/DSB transceivers. The 2m one is pretty cool.

to electronics radio receiver transmitter vhf ... on 25 June 2011

KF9CM edit / delete

The "Mark III" WWII valve transmitter -- a fair match for an HRO -- and replacement HRO knobs.

to electronics hro markiii radio retrotech transmitter ... on 04 June 2011

Small Wonder Labs edit / delete

Radio kits. Sort of tempted by a PSK-20/40...

to electronics ham kit psk radio transmitter ... on 04 November 2010

Elektronika.ba - FM bug 420-480 MHz circuit schematics edit / delete

Using a Nokia VCO chip as a low-power 70cm transmitter.

to 70cm electronics radio transmitter uhf vco ... on 30 October 2010

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