David Knight. Radio, electrical and electronic articles. edit / delete

Impressive section on adding an all-mode converter to an RA17, and an excellent description of the guts of one of the common SGC* autotuners.

to antenna electronics ra17 radio retrotech transverter tuner ... on 30 March 2012

Homebrew RF Test Equipment and Software edit / delete

Much of which is of the careful-plumbing variety. Neat stuff. Includes a spectrum analyser built from a VCR tuner, which is what I was originally after.

to electronics microwave radio test-equipment tuner uhf vhf ... on 04 February 2011

Lupine Systems -- It's A WOLF Thing! -- Nixie Tube Cable Box edit / delete

Based around a VCR-style tuner module. Neat.

to electronics radio retrotech tuner video ... on 30 November 2009

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