G8BKE Website edit / delete

Homebrewing for the higher bands.

to amateur electronics microwave radio ... on 27 February 2011

Build a 1000 MHz RF Spectrum Analyzer Inexpensively edit / delete

... and even more careful plumbing!

to electronics microwave radio test-equipment uhf vhf ... on 04 February 2011

Homebrew RF Test Equipment and Software edit / delete

Much of which is of the careful-plumbing variety. Neat stuff. Includes a spectrum analyser built from a VCR tuner, which is what I was originally after.

to electronics microwave radio test-equipment tuner uhf vhf ... on 04 February 2011

WW2R Radio Web page edit / delete

Doing interesting stuff on the really high bands -- in particular, repurposing commercial amplifiers.

to electronics ham microwave radio uhf vhf ... on 30 January 2011

GM4ISM edit / delete

A (relative) local with lots of VHF-and-higher information.

to amateur electronics eme microwave radio vhf ... on 16 January 2011

G6LVB Info archive edit / delete

Fun with umbrellas and satellites.

to antenna ham microwave radio satellite ... on 15 October 2010

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