Aerial Analyser Details edit / delete

In terms of features, pretty much a DIY MFJ-259 -- but built entirely out of common components, and including source code for the microcontroller.

to amateur analyser antenna electronics hf radio test-equipment ... on 27 February 2012

Ten Dollar Miracle Whip Clone edit / delete

Neat idea for an adjustable inductor: modify a wirewound pot.

to antenna electronics hf radio ... on 27 February 2012

Small Magnetic Receiving Loops edit / delete

Useful description of shielding techniques.

to antenna loop radio ... on 02 November 2011

Home - Aerial Parts edit / delete

Small quantities of bits for making aerials, by mail order.

to antenna electronics radio shopping ... on 23 August 2011

David Jefferies's navigation page. edit / delete

Antenna design, complex systems, and potential student projects.

to antenna complex-systems complexity electronics projects simulation teaching ... on 14 July 2011

Voltage Probe Antenna (VPA) Design 5 kHz to 500 MHz edit / delete

Very similar to the PA0RDT active antenna. I'm now not surprised that mine works so well for FM broadcast reception! This has an excellent discussion of the design.

to antenna electronics pa0rdt probe radio ... on 14 July 2011

ATV from G8AJN edit / delete

Notable for the bit on slot antennas. (The three-band J-pole-with-slots combo is pretty neat, although I'm not entirely sure I'd want it on the roof!)

to amateur antenna atv radio uhf vhf ... on 10 July 2011

Multiband HF Center-Loaded Off-Center-Fed Dipole (or Windom) Antenna - edit / delete

Taking the Windom idea a bit further with traps. Neat, and good description.

to antenna hf radio windom ... on 04 July 2011

Index - MARTIN - G8JNJ edit / delete

Assorted radio projects; the page on measuring balun loss is good.

to antenna balun electronics hf radio rf ... on 16 May 2011

smatcheng edit / delete

Neat two-control ATU design. Making a better variable inductor (than I've currently got) would be the challenge -- note the wiper-on-toroid and variometer designs on this page... and also the air-cored coils at the bottom.

to antenna atu electronics ham radio ... on 06 May 2011

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