How Atlus fails fans of Persona 5 edit / delete

Or: how not to translate a game from Japanese to English. Makes essentially the same points as Douglas Hofstadter's "Le Tombeau de Marot". Also notable for having a rather nice CSS design with some fairly complex navigation that doesn't depend on Javascript abuse.

to games translation web-design ... on 13 May 2017

lukasmartinelli/py14: Python to C++ 14 transpiler edit / delete

"C++14 has such powerful type deduction that it is possible to transpile Python into C++ without worrying about the missing type annotations in python. Only a small subset of Python is working"

to c++ compiler python translation type-inference types ... on 28 February 2016

"Le butin du Capitaine Verdeterre" by Ryan Veeder edit / delete

Inform 7 source for the French translation of "Captain Verdeterre's Plunder". The translator's notes are interesting, but on the whole this is a good demonstration of why English natural language programming languages are... not great for writing programs in French.

to french games if pirates source translation ... on 23 June 2015

ESL (JBR i18n) edit / delete

Tips on writing technical documentation (specifically, for Debian) for people who've learned English as a second language. This has a nice list of common pitfalls for translators, and some notes on English grammar rules you might have been taught that don't actually match real usage.

to ag0700 debian documentation english i18n language technical translation writing ... on 28 August 2014

Moses - Main/HomePage edit / delete

The demo is veeeeery slow, but it does appear to work. Sort of.

to language software translation ... on 07 June 2013

Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse edit / delete

All sorts of fun stuff -- but particularly the splendidly-detailed Verduria universe, and the analysis of the Syldavian language from Tintin.

to amusements chinese comics conlang language linguistics translation ... on 24 February 2007

Grinchy Scanlations -> Download REC edit / delete

Translations of the REC manga.

to anime manga rec translation ... on 04 December 2006

[XLG] ~ Scans edit / delete

Translations of the REC manga.

to anime manga rec translation ... on 04 December 2006 - Premier Manga Scanlation Information Site edit / delete

Useful reference for manga scanslation groups.

to anime manga translation ... on 04 December 2006

Suzumiya Haruhi - Baka-Tsuki edit / delete

Fan translations (on a MediaWiki!) of the Haruhi novels. Excellent stuff.

to anime ebooks haruhi translation ... on 04 December 2006

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