Jim Henry edit / delete

I came for the etext here (Chesterton et al.), but there's some interesting constructed (and engineered) languages too.

to conlang etext ... on 21 May 2011

Notes on Orth edit / delete

Making up a language for Anathem. Some of it I'm not entirely convinced about...

to anathem conlang neil-stephenson ... on 07 September 2009

Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse edit / delete

All sorts of fun stuff -- but particularly the splendidly-detailed Verduria universe, and the analysis of the Syldavian language from Tintin.

to amusements chinese comics conlang language linguistics translation ... on 24 February 2007

A Philosophical Grammar of Ithkuil, a Constructed Language edit / delete

A really neat -- if incredibly complicated -- design for a conlang.

to conlang language ... on 27 March 2006

The Language Page edit / delete

Some constructed languages, and the Thryomanes fontset.

to conlang fonts ... on 13 April 2005

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