Calvin and Markov -- edit / delete

"Calvin and Markov digests Calvin and Hobbes strips and generates new comics using Markov chains, perl, and Imagemagick." Needs a bigger corpus but occasionally produces interesting stuff.

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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - 75% edit / delete

That's the president of Lake Wobegon, presumably...

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The Bouletcorp edit / delete

Some fantastic French comic art. ("Darkness" was the strip that brought me here, but it's all good.)

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Raine Dog edit / delete

Also good; also defunct.

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Absurd Notions and Why the Long Face - returning soon edit / delete

Sadly, these have been "returning soon" for a while, so they're coming off my list of subscriptions for now...

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James Yolkowski's Personal Home Page ( edit / delete

Some 2600/arcade games, a Calvin and Hobbes cross-reference, and a variety of random facts.

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Arbuckle: Garfield through Jon's eyes. edit / delete

Garfield without Garfield's thought bubbles (rather than without Garfield entirely). But this one's more interesting because he's getting people to redraw the strips -- some of them are very good.

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Listening to 11.975MHz edit / delete

A splendidly surreal comic. (And I really do mean surreal here, not just wacky.)

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Mark Rosenfelder's Metaverse edit / delete

All sorts of fun stuff -- but particularly the splendidly-detailed Verduria universe, and the analysis of the Syldavian language from Tintin.

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Girl Genius Online Comics edit / delete

I don't care very much for the artwork (it's good, I just don't like the style), but the writing's very strong.

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