ESL (JBR i18n) edit / delete

Tips on writing technical documentation (specifically, for Debian) for people who've learned English as a second language. This has a nice list of common pitfalls for translators, and some notes on English grammar rules you might have been taught that don't actually match real usage.

to ag0700 debian documentation english i18n language technical translation writing ... on 28 August 2014

Documentation on Acorn Computers edit / delete

Lots of Acorn technical documentation -- I found some useful stuff about ADFS here.

to acorn archimedes arm bbc documentation retrocomputing riscos ... on 05 January 2014

Apache C++ Standard Library edit / delete

What used to be Rogue Wave's implementation. The documentation -- especially the user guide -- is pretty good; probably more useful than the old SGI spec in practice.

to c++ documentation stl ... on 25 August 2010

Haddock edit / delete

The Haskell doc extraction system -- remarkably similar to OccamDoc, as you'd expect, except I think I like our syntax better.

to documentation haskell programming research ... on 07 October 2006

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