RISC_OS_Dev edit / delete

A port of RiscOS to run as a Linux userspace process. This is a horrible hack and also pretty neat.

to acorn linux os retrocomputing riscos ... on 02 November 2018

The Qube RiscOS Server edit / delete

A large collection of mods for the Archimedes, and a canned classic RiscOS distribution (including !Hamsters). I particularly like the mod that involves installing an Atari ST floppy controller in an A3000 to get HD floppy support!

to acorn archimedes arm bbc electronics floppy retrocomputing riscos ... on 25 March 2016

ARX, Arthur and RISC OS - Paul Fellows edit / delete

Early ARM operating systems. I strongly suspect that the A310 I have was originally an Arthur machine.

to acorn arm arthur retrocomputing riscos ... on 20 November 2015

Documentation on Acorn Computers edit / delete

Lots of Acorn technical documentation -- I found some useful stuff about ADFS here.

to acorn archimedes arm bbc documentation retrocomputing riscos ... on 05 January 2014

Acorn technical documents edit / delete

As it says. I have the programmers' manuals in a box somewhere, but the information I was after is here.

to acorn retrocomputing riscos ... on 07 January 2013

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