Portable Stackless Coroutines in One* Header « C++Next edit / delete

A neat switch-based approach in Boost.

to c++ concurrency coroutines ... on 07 October 2012

Matt's Dev Blog: Lua-Style Coroutines in C++ edit / delete

Using ucontext.h to implement coroutines.

to c++ concurrency coroutines runtime ... on 21 May 2011

Continuation Passing C (CPC) — Gabriel Kerneis edit / delete

Translates C with concurrency primitives into plain C using continuation-passing. Would be useful as a backend for Tock, say.

to c compiler concurrency continuations coroutines software ... on 15 May 2011

McIlroy on Coroutines edit / delete

A good description of coroutines, with a suggested syntax for Pascal-like languages. There are some parallels here with PHW's suggestions for mobile process syntax.

to concurrency coroutines language-design research ... on 04 December 2008

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