Oleg Mazonka - Languages edit / delete

If you've ever needed a *really fast* runtime system for BF...

to bf interpreter jit runtime ... on 05 January 2015

alandipert/gherkin ยท GitHub edit / delete

"A functional programming language and interpreter written in GNU Bash 4".

to bash lisp runtime software ... on 14 January 2014

Matt's Dev Blog: Lua-Style Coroutines in C++ edit / delete

Using ucontext.h to implement coroutines.

to c++ concurrency coroutines runtime ... on 21 May 2011

The LuaJIT Project edit / delete

As the name suggests, a JIT for Lua. There's also a coroutines library for Lua here. It would be interesting to knock together a CSP library for Lua using coroutines.

to concurrency language-design lua research runtime ... on 03 November 2008

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