EarlGray/c4 edit / delete

c4 extended to be a JIT compiler. This is now moving into tcc territory...

to c compiler cute-code jit ... on 18 January 2015

Oleg Mazonka - Languages edit / delete

If you've ever needed a *really fast* runtime system for BF...

to bf interpreter jit runtime ... on 05 January 2015

Numba — Numba edit / delete

"Numba is an just-in-time specializing compiler which compiles annotated Python and NumPy code to LLVM (through decorators)."

to compiler jit llvm numeric numpy python ... on 28 April 2014

Laurence Tratt: Fast Enough VMs in Fast Enough Time edit / delete

An excellent explanation of PyPy's tracing JIT.

to compilation jit pypy research tracing ... on 08 April 2012

Nanojit - MDC edit / delete

Another JIT library, this time for dynamic languages like Javascript. (And thus maybe Python?)

to jit software ... on 23 May 2009

The LLVM Compiler Infrastructure Project edit / delete

Proceedings of the LLVM developers' meeting. Worth looking at.

to compiler jit llvm research vm ... on 16 August 2008

GNU lightning - GNU Project - Free Software Foundation (FSF) edit / delete

An assembly-generation library designed for use in JITs.

to jit research ... on 06 January 2006

ElectricalFire edit / delete

The Mozilla project's JITting JVM.

to java jit research vm ... on 15 October 2005

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