Futures aren't ersatz threads edit / delete

Awfully limiting compared to actual message-passing concurrency, though.

to concurrency futures parallelism ... on 13 March 2015

FG-MPI: Fine-Grain MPI edit / delete

As presented at CPA. This sounds very neat -- MPI with lightweight scheduling.

to concurrency fgmpi lightweight-processes mpi parallelism software ... on 28 April 2014

Computer Science Parallel Processing Courseware edit / delete

Some early-90s slides on parallel processing.

to concurrency parallelism teaching ... on 03 May 2010

Common Message Runtime edit / delete

Suggesting POP as a means of getting inter-language support. The library he suggests (for inter-process lightweight concurrency and communication with shared memory) would be a worthwhile project to implement.

to ipc language parallelism research ... on 09 September 2006

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