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Ubuntu for the 810+, although they're planning on 770 support. Looks like the aim is to continue running Maemo as an interface, though, which I'm really not keen on.

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The Deblet Project – Trac edit / delete

Right, so this is what I was actually after -- Debian for the 770, to replace the awful Maemo distribution it ships with. Although they're clearly concentrating on the later tablets, so I'm not sure it'll be worth the effort.

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Ubuntu Jaunty for the N810/N800 - - Talk edit / delete

Well, actually an unholy mashup of Ubuntu, Deblet and Mer...

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Android for Nokia Internet Tablets (NITdroid) edit / delete

Not very useful (the 770 not being a phone, after all), but at least they have modern kernels booting on it.

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Research Group Embedded Interaction - Nokia 770 Tablet PC Project Page edit / delete

Building an adaptor to let the Nokia 770 drive USB devices.

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