- fvwm edit / delete

Rather newer FVWM for Debian.

to debian fvwm ... on 09 November 2012

Debian HOWTOs edit / delete

Installing Debian on various embedded machines. The SheevaPlug might be what I'm after; it's slightly more expensive than I'd like.

to arm debian embedded install mips ... on 02 August 2012

UpstreamGuide - Debian Wiki edit / delete

Another how-to-package guide (with a link to mine, which is nice!).

to debian packaging ... on 19 May 2012

The Deblet Project – Trac edit / delete

Right, so this is what I was actually after -- Debian for the 770, to replace the awful Maemo distribution it ships with. Although they're clearly concentrating on the later tablets, so I'm not sure it'll be worth the effort.

to debian nokia770 ... on 06 May 2009

Ubuntu Jaunty for the N810/N800 - - Talk edit / delete

Well, actually an unholy mashup of Ubuntu, Deblet and Mer...

to debian nokia770 ubuntu ... on 06 May 2009

Debian on an emulated ARM machine edit / delete

Installing Debian inside QEMU for various architectures. I should set this up on manof to get more wacky Transterpreter architectures building...

to arm cross-building debian emulation mips qemu sparc ... on 06 May 2009

Main Page - Hackable1 edit / delete

Debian for mobile phones. (Or Maemo done right, in theory...)

to debian linux software telephony ... on 27 December 2008

The Debian GNU/Linux AMD64 HOW-TO edit / delete

This talks in particular about schroot, which is a very neat tool.

to debian linux research x86-64 ... on 29 October 2007

reprepro (formerly mirrorer) edit / delete

Tool for managing local Debian repositories. Could be useful for i-scream.

to debian software ... on 16 August 2005

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