ZXNet edit / delete

Various Teletext stuff, including using vhs-teletext and generating proper Teletext signals for TVs. Mods and tech info for later Sinclair computers. Some stuff on NBTV.

to nbtv ql retrocomputing retrotech sinclair spectrum teletext tv ... on 29 June 2020

Teletext Art – TARL Teletext Art Research Lab UK edit / delete

Exactly what it sounds like.

to art graphics mode7 retrotech teletext ... on 24 December 2016

ali1234/raspi-teletext edit / delete

Configuring the Raspberry Pi's graphics controller to generate a Teletext signal.

to raspberry-pi retrocomputing teletext tv video ... on 17 March 2015

Dragan Espenschied edit / delete

Lots of digital(-ish) artwork, including several based on Teletext.

to art digital teletext ... on 20 May 2014

Make a VBIT-Pi edit / delete

"A teletext inserter add-on for Raspberry Pi."

to electronics raspberry-pi retrotech teletext video ... on 12 November 2013

teletext « GOTO8O edit / delete

Art experiments with teletext. I like the teletext tracker!

to art graphics retrotech teletext tracker videotext ... on 12 November 2013

Bedstead – MODE 7 for the 21st century edit / delete

A nice vector version of the BBC Micro's Teletext font. The code to produce it is pretty neat -- it interpolates from a bitmap font, so you could try throwing other things at it...

to bbc bbc-micro fonts retrocomputing teletext ... on 27 February 2012

ali1234/vhs-teletext - GitHub edit / delete

Code to recover Teletext data from VHS recordings, it looks like.

to software teletext video ... on 04 August 2011

Generating Teletext in Software | al.robotfuzz.com edit / delete

No code, but includes an X modeline to get the right timings for PAL teletext.

to software teletext video ... on 04 August 2011

Batsocks - TellyMate edit / delete

Generating a video signal with an AVR, including the tricks to get precise timing (something I never figured out when I was doing this with a Z80 many years ago). There was some discussion on the bbc-micro list about building a Teletext generator, and this'd be a good basis.

to avr electronics microcontroller teletext video ... on 03 June 2009

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