Teletext Art – TARL Teletext Art Research Lab UK edit / delete

Exactly what it sounds like.

to art graphics mode7 retrotech teletext ... on 24 December 2016

ali1234/raspi-teletext edit / delete

Configuring the Raspberry Pi's graphics controller to generate a Teletext signal.

to raspberry-pi retrocomputing teletext tv video ... on 17 March 2015

Dragan Espenschied edit / delete

Lots of digital(-ish) artwork, including several based on Teletext.

to art digital teletext ... on 20 May 2014

Make a VBIT-Pi edit / delete

"A teletext inserter add-on for Raspberry Pi."

to electronics raspberry-pi retrotech teletext video ... on 12 November 2013

teletext « GOTO8O edit / delete

Art experiments with teletext. I like the teletext tracker!

to art graphics retrotech teletext tracker videotext ... on 12 November 2013

Bedstead – MODE 7 for the 21st century edit / delete

A nice vector version of the BBC Micro's Teletext font. The code to produce it is pretty neat -- it interpolates from a bitmap font, so you could try throwing other things at it...

to bbc bbc-micro fonts retrocomputing teletext ... on 27 February 2012

ali1234/vhs-teletext - GitHub edit / delete

Code to recover Teletext data from VHS recordings, it looks like.

to software teletext video ... on 04 August 2011

Generating Teletext in Software | edit / delete

No code, but includes an X modeline to get the right timings for PAL teletext.

to software teletext video ... on 04 August 2011

Batsocks - TellyMate edit / delete

Generating a video signal with an AVR, including the tricks to get precise timing (something I never figured out when I was doing this with a Z80 many years ago). There was some discussion on the bbc-micro list about building a Teletext generator, and this'd be a good basis.

to avr electronics microcontroller teletext video ... on 03 June 2009 Your live news search engine ! edit / delete

A Google-inspired web teletext interface. Very neat.

to teletext ... on 01 April 2005

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