bistromath/gr-ais edit / delete

GNU Radio AIS decoder.

to ais gnuradio maritime sdr ... on 14 December 2013

CRC Online Mux - Welcome to CRC mmbTools edit / delete

Various software -- mostly free -- for generating and modulating DAB streams. This is what the recent Ofcom trial used.

to broadcast dab radio sdr ... on 06 August 2013

SDR-J edit / delete

SDR receiver for RTL sticks, with FM and DAB demodulators.

to dab fm radio rtl sdr ... on 06 August 2013

antirez/dump1090 · GitHub edit / delete

Decode Mode S (aircraft position) messages from aircraft, using an RTL-SDR dongle. Obvious expansions would be for receiving AIS (ship position) and APRS packets...

to aircraft mode-s radio rtlsdr sdr software ... on 24 March 2013

windytan/redsea · GitHub edit / delete

RDS decoder. In Perl. Obviously. Hooking this up to gqrx or similar would be an interesting project.

to fm modem radio rds sdr ... on 02 February 2013

Peaberry SDR Kit - $129.00 : AE9RB edit / delete

Effectively a Softrock RXTX with an onboard USB soundcard -- might be handy for laptop use.

to electronics radio sdr shopping softrock ... on 29 December 2012

Spectrum Tools edit / delete

Includes very pretty waterfall graphs. Worth stealing for an SDR project?

to graph radio sdr software spectrum test-equipment visualisation ... on 15 October 2012

GNU Radio edit / delete

DAB decoder using GNU Radio. I wonder how hard it'd be to adapt this to RTL-SDR?

to dab gnuradio radio sdr ... on 30 May 2012

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