SR60-Mod edit / delete

How to get the SR60 earphones apart. Mine have had enough abuse over the last 10+ years that I need to replace the cable...

to electronics grado headphones repair ... on 27 November 2015

Urbanears edit / delete

It would never have occurred to me to sell headphones entirely based on what *colour* they are. They keep their tech specs extremely well hidden and don't mention how they sound at all. (Which is a shame, because they do have some neat features, like the reversible cables.)

to headphones shopping ... on 25 November 2012

Between the Ears: the art and science of measuring headphones | edit / delete

Some interesting stuff on getting (or, rather, not getting) reproducible results when measuring the characteristics of headphones.

to audio electronics headphones instruments measurement ... on 02 November 2011

Bauer stereophonic-to-binaural DSP edit / delete

Headphone crossfeed simulator library. This'd probably be useful to bind into potamus.

to audio headphones software ... on 22 October 2006

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