Auctions - MOD Sales, Military Vehicles & Used Ex MOD Land Rovers for Sale edit / delete

Witham Specialist Vehicles' auction section -- which includes things that aren't vehicles, like RT320s.

to cars radio shopping surplus ... on 06 May 2012

The Land Rover Buyer's Guide - by Glencoyne 4x4 (Thetford) edit / delete

From a guy who specialises in servicing them -- I think this is about the least enthusiastic buyer's guide I've ever read... (And no, I don't want one of these either!)

to amusements cars mechanica ... on 10 January 2010

Boron: A Better Energy Carrier than Hydrogen? (12 June 2007) edit / delete

A neat idea: using boron as fuel for cars.

to cars fuel ... on 02 November 2007

WPS:Projects edit / delete

Old-fashioned computing technology -- building valve machines, restoring an LGP-30, and so on.

to cars retrocomputing retrotech ... on 04 July 2006

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