The Stonehill Yiddish Song Collection edit / delete

"In 1948, Ben Stonehill, a lover of Yiddish, was aware of how much had been lost to surviving Jews in terms of cultural heritage. [...] Stonehill recorded over a thousand songs from Holocaust survivors, who were being temporarily housed."

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Old-Time Fiddle Tunes edit / delete

An excellent collection of Appalachian fiddle tunes. I was after "Salt Creek", but there are plenty more here.

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The Valet's Tragedy, by Andrew Lang : X. THE MYSTERY OF LORD BATEMAN edit / delete

The authorship of "Lord Bateman". I was actually after a reference for the legend about Gilbert Becket being forged, but that appears to be in Child...

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Dunn Family Collection - Dunn Family Collection - Ward Irish Music Archives edit / delete

Not only did Francis O'Neill write "O'Neill's Music of Ireland", he also recorded some of the performances he was transcribing. So you can hear a whole load of trad tunes as they were performed circa 1900 -- as MP3s here.

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The Joe Cooley Tapes edit / delete

"This site contains numerous field recordings made in the early 1970s of the great Irish accordion player Joe Cooley when he lived in the San Francisco bay area." That's Joe Cooley as in Cooley's Reel. Well worth a listen.

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Mundharpe Melodier edit / delete

Learn harmonica... in Norwegian! The tune I was looking for was Røros Pols, which can be hammered gently into slip-jig form for use in Scottish/Irish sessions. (Round here, it's called "that tune Breabach play that I don't know the name of".)

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Home - Sangstories - Stories of Scottish Songs edit / delete

"There are 150 lyrics and background stories here of traditional and newer Scottish songs sung by the Linlithgow song group Sangschule"

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Set into Song - Peter Cox edit / delete

Scripts for the (first series of) Radio Ballads. Note that the more popular songs have evolved somewhat in the folk tradition, so the lyrics here for (e.g.) Shoals of Herring won't match what people actually sing these days.

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Things I’ve learned from British folk ballads edit / delete

"Cuckoos' nests are right out."

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The White Hart - EDINBURGH - Belhaven edit / delete

The pub Ken (and, it appears, all of his family) plays at in Edinburgh.

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