The elliptics network | edit / delete

Distributed key-value store (now the backend for pohmelfs). Sounds like it'd be the right sort of thing to use behind a simulation framework.

to database key-value simulation software ... on 28 January 2012

Userspace RCU | LTTng Project edit / delete

I could imagine uses for this in simulation -- perhaps Tim's transactional stuff?

to concurrency rcu simulation software ... on 15 November 2011

David Jefferies's navigation page. edit / delete

Antenna design, complex systems, and potential student projects.

to antenna complex-systems complexity electronics projects simulation teaching ... on 14 July 2011

LINDSAY edit / delete

Agent-based multiscale virtual human project.

to agent biology human multiscale research simulation ... on 14 December 2010

Sticky Feet edit / delete

Cool simulation -- I'm not really sure what it's telling us about nature, though! Implemented using Processing.

to alife processing simulation ... on 31 August 2010

WCI | B Codes - SILO edit / delete

Library for working with structured scientific data, especially 3D spatial stuff; it uses HDF5/PDB underneath. We could use this to capture data from simulations in a convenient way. (The name is frankly disturbing given the organisation that maintains it, though!)

to analysis data library science simulation ... on 31 August 2010

On Hybrid Scientific Codes, Part I: The Idea | Andreas Klöckner's web page edit / delete

Building scientific code in a more accessible way using multiple languages.

to c++ multilingual open-science python science simulation ... on 31 August 2010

Mayavi - 3D scientific data visualization and plotting:: Enthought, Inc. edit / delete

Fancy Python-based visualisation system. (Sadly it crawls a bit on my laptop...)

to python simulation software visualisation ... on 18 August 2010

Canned Platypus » Blog Archive » The High Performance Cloud edit / delete

Talking about Amazon providing cloud services specifically for cluster computing. I suspect this makes more sense than investing in clusters these days, financially speaking (although in terms of data confidentiality, it's completely insane).

to cloud cluster hpc simulation ... on 17 August 2010

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