"EVITA" - electronic components, parts, radionics edit / delete

Lithuanian electronics supplier with a decent selection of Russian ICs. PDP-11 clone CPU for 1€, anyone?

to cpu electronics pdp11 retrocomputing russia shopping soviet surplus ... on 20 May 2011

GreenArrays, Inc. edit / delete

Chuck Moore's latest Forth chip, with multiple cores and a channel-ish communication mechanism. Might be fun to play with.

to concurrency cpu embedded forth microcontroller multicore parallel ... on 29 October 2010

Zet processor - Zet edit / delete

8086 in an FPGA; runs FreeDOS.

to cpu fpga pc ... on 22 September 2010

www.Visual6502.org edit / delete

The 6502 emulated, at the transistor level, in Javascript. Words fail me.

to 6502 chip cpu design electronics retrocomputing ... on 19 September 2010

Gallery of Processor Cache Effects edit / delete

Some nice simple examples of cache weirdness.

to cache cpu optimisation performance teaching ... on 31 August 2010

The Red Hill Guide to Computer Hardware edit / delete

A well-written historical perspective on PC hardware -- notable CPUs, hard disks and motherboards -- from a small Australian PC shop. Worth reading.

to cpu hard-disk motherboard pc retrocomputing ... on 06 September 2009

AnandTech Bench (beta) edit / delete

Handy comparison between processors on a load of different (sadly somewhat desktop-centric) benchmarks.

to benchmarks cpu performance ... on 16 June 2009

A Tiny Computer | Lambda the Ultimate edit / delete

Aww, cute! A very little CPU in an FPGA.

to cpu homebrew ... on 13 March 2009

Andrew Holme's home page edit / delete

Homebrew FORTH CPU, Ethernet and GPS reception from scratch, power line modulation and various other nifty stuff.

to cpu electronics ethernet gps homebrew radio ... on 01 March 2009

Doran Industries edit / delete

Homebrew CPU and various other things. I like his panel designs.

to cpu electronics homebrew retrocomputing ... on 01 March 2009

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