An 88 Byte Bare-Metal Mandelbrot Generator | Nothing Untoward edit / delete

Drawing the Mandelbrot set using fixed-point arithmetic in x86 assembler.

to assembler bootblock cute-code fractal mandelbrot x86 ... on 18 January 2015

EarlGray/c4 edit / delete

c4 extended to be a JIT compiler. This is now moving into tcc territory...

to c compiler cute-code jit ... on 18 January 2015

rswier/c4 edit / delete

A little self-hosting C subset interpreter. Very neat! Compare this with Diomidis Spinellis' little self-hosting C bytecode compiler in the IOCCC a while back...

to c compiler cute-code interpreter ... on 18 January 2015

Dyadic device: a 4 shaft loom simulation. | dave's blog of art and programming edit / delete

"Instead of defining the pattern you want directly, you are describing the set up of a 4 shaft loom – so the warp threads that each of 4 shafts pick up in the top row of toggle boxes, then which shafts are picked up for each weft thread as the fabric is woven on the right." Very cute, and surprisingly little code.

to art cute-code weaving ... on 03 January 2015

8086tiny: a tiny PC emulator/virtual machine - Home edit / delete

Extended version of the IOCCC winner.

to 8086 cute-code emulator ioccc pc retrocomputing ... on 25 March 2014

fogleman/Craft edit / delete

A mini Minecraft clone. Not quite mini-enough to quality for cute-code -- but the author also has a Python version of it which is even shorter!

to 3d cute-code games minecraft opengl python shader software ... on 14 December 2013

bolknote/SedChess edit / delete

As the name suggests.

to chess cute-code games sed software ... on 29 November 2013

PIC Blitz edit / delete

"PIC Blitz is a tiny, low-power, ultra-low-cost device that plays lightning chess. It is based on a PIC16F628A microcontroller, which has just 3.5 kbytes of flash and 224 bytes of RAM."

to chess cute-code games microcontroller pic ... on 12 November 2013

Raytracing edit / delete

A little raytracing demo.

to cute-code graphics raytracing ... on 04 October 2013

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